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Hot Moccasins Review

Can this group from Lower Merion live up to the hype?

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Hot Moccasins - Indecent Exposure

Its difficult being a high school band. Recognition is slim and the influence of other bands is so great it's hard to make your own sound, but this Lower Merion High School trio takes their best shot. Hot Mocs does not sound like any high school band you have heard before. They don't feel the need to play only power cords and whine about girls (actually there is plenty of whining but they don't feel the need to say bitch after every song.) That being said their sound is not all new. The drum synth collabo sounds like a roughly produced Postal Service, but thats not a bad thing. The lyrics are dull and repatative until the humorous "24 Karat Title" which show off Graham and Johnny's fine tuned rapping abilities. The best song on the album is "Battling the Rubix Cube" which mixes their electronic sound with a nice acoustic guitar and Johnny's best lyrics in the album. Indecent Exposure is a short and sweet effort by a band that will only get better in the future.

Final Grade:



Buco's Essential Tracks:

-Those Eyes
-Battling the Rubix Cube

Band Members:

Johnny Drucker - guitar, lead vocals
Graham Corrigan - bass, synth, vocals
Brett Robertson - Drums

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